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Swizzels Matlow also known as just Swizzels confectionery manufacturer based in  New Mills, Derbyshire, near Stockport


Swizzels Matlow is a confectionery manufacture based in New Mills, in Derbyshire near Stockport. They employee around 500 people and export around 20% of their sweets abroad, mainly to European countries. Their highest selling brands are Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Drumstick lollies. … Continue reading

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david beckham at court today

Nick Freeman

Nick Freeman is an English solicitor, he is the owner of Freeman & Co. and is extremely well known as a celebrity defence lawyer, specialising in traffic and speeding offences. Freeman has been nicknamed “Mr Loophole” by the British tabloid press.  Some … Continue reading

Gorton Monastery Manchester exterior architecture detail

Gorton Monastery

The Church and Friary of St. Francis, is known locally as Gorton Monastery. Is it a former 19th century Franciscans priory, the Franciscans came to Gorton in 1961 and started building the friary in 1863 and the work lasted around … Continue reading

Lovell Telescope Manchester university Jordell Bank

Lovell Telescope

The Lovell Telescope is a radio telescope at Jordell Bank Observatory, near Goostery. When construction had finished in 1957 the telescope was the largest in the world at a 76.2m in diameter, but now it is the third, behind the … Continue reading

Fiddlers Ferry power station industrial industry

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station Fiddlers Ferry Power Station is a coal fired power station that is located in Warrington. It is situated on the north bank of the River Mersey, it opened in 1971 and the station has a capacity … Continue reading

Bishop Stockport Libby Lane Inspiration Woman

Libby Lane

Bishop of Stockport Libby Lane is a Church of England bishop in Diocese of Chester, but more importantly she is the she has been the first woman appointed bishop by the Church of England, after the General Synod voted to … Continue reading

Elizabeth Gaskell house villa 84 Plymouth Grove Manchester

Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell Elizabeth was an English novelist, her novels often portrayed the lives of Victorian society. Her first novel, Mary Barton, was published in 1848 and some of her best novels include Cranford, North and South and Wives and Daughters. … Continue reading

Peter Saville Manchester bill-broad design

Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a art director and graphic designer from Manchester, he has become famous as he designed many record sleeves for Factory Records, a company which he was a director of. In 2008 Saville collaborated with Transport for Greater … Continue reading

Boxer Joe Murray amateur sport sportsman boxing

Joe Murray

Joe Murray, born 3rd Jan 1987, is a former amateur boxer from Levenshulme.  One of his most notable achievements is winning bronze at the ‘2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships’ at Bantamweight and he has also signed professional terms with Hatton … Continue reading

Rochdale Observer Manchester Evening News newspaper

Rochdale Observer

The Rochdale Observer is a tabloid newspaper that is published twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, and is sold in the Rochdale area. It has been the main newspaper of Rochdale since 1856 when it was founded, it is now … Continue reading

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