808 State

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808 State are an electronic music group that formed in Manchester in 1987. They took their name from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, the group released their debut acid house album “Newbuild” in September 1988, but their commercial success came the year after when BBC Radio 1 DJ Gary David played their song “Pacific State”. They have released six studio albums and they are often credited as “A pioneer of the acid house sound” the debut album was very influential in the development of Madchester and baggy scenes. Present band members include Graham Massey, who is one of the founding members and Andrew Barker who joined 1989.

stage concert music band city

Pictured 808 State member on stage in Castlefield


Madchester is the music and cultural scene that was developed in Manchester during the late 80’s, this is when artist would merge alternative rock with acid house culture.  808 State took New Order’s “Blue Monday” and recorded it as an acid house version which proved extremely popular in night clubs but was a favourite a The Hacienda’s Hot Night. They also recorded the theme tune for Channel 4’s 90’s show “The Word”.

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