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Christopher Moakes came throughout Manchester City Council’s foster care system, and has come out the other end a star, now studying at Nottingham University, he was invited to MC at Manchester’s foster care awards at Manchester Town Hall.

manchester evening news

© Mark Waugh / MEN

Christopher wowed the crowd with his singing talent, and made a fab story for the Manchester Evening News.


© Mark Waugh Manchester Events Photographer

Foster care in the UK:

In the United Kingdom, foster care and adoption has always been an option, “in the sense of taking other people’s children into their homes and looking after them on a permanent or temporary basis.” Although, nothing about it had a legal foundation, until the 20th century. The UK had “wardship,” the family taking in the child had custody by the Chancery Court. Wardship was not used very often because it did not give the guardian “parental rights.” Fostering came about in the mid 19th century. With fostering came a “series of baby farming scandals.” At the end of the 19th century they started calling it “boarding-out” like they did in Australia. They started placing the children in orphanages and workhouses as well. “The First World War saw an increase in organized adoption through adoption societies and child rescue organizations, and pressure grew for adoption to be given legal status.” The first laws based on adoption and foster care were passed in 1926. “The peak number of adoptions was in 1968, since when there has been an enormous decline in adoption in the United Kingdom. The main reasons for children being adopted in the United Kingdom had been unmarried mothers giving up their children for adoption and stepparents adopting their new partner’s children”

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