Beetham Tower

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Beetham Tower is a landmark 47 storey skyscraper in Manchester, the tower has a multi use the 1st – 22nd floor are occupied by the four star Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel, then the 23rd floor has a four meter overhang with a glass floor there so you can see the street below from the skybar, Cloud23 the only one in Manchester of its type, the bar and lounge are operated by Hilton. Floors 25 through to 47 are used a residential apartments.

Hyde Road in Gorton with Beetham Tower in the background

Hyde Road in Gorton with Beetham Tower in the background

The building is currently the tallest building in Manchester but construction has started last year on Tower 1, which when it is completed will surpass Beetham Tower by over 100 ft. The structure is one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world with a height to width ratio of 10:1. The building is visible from ten English counties on a clear day, with the top floor penthouse having views of Greater Manchester, the Cheshire Plain, the Pennines, the Peak District, Liverpool Cathedral, Blackpool Tower and Snowdonia. 

Landmark Beetham Tower

Landmark Beetham Tower’s Blade

The Towers is well known for emitting a loud humming sound in windy weather, which is believed to come from the glass ‘Blade’ at the top of the tower (pictured above) the note is recorded as a musical pitch B3 below middle C and can be heard across the town centre and surrounding areas depending on the strength of the wind, it has even affected the production on Coronation Street. There has been work to reduce the noise by inserting foam pads but the attempts have proved unsuccessful, the tower still hums and there are even parody twitter accounts called Happy Beetham and Angry Beetham

Beetham Tower Manchester budding architecture glass blade

Beetham tower Manchester landmark

The Skyscraper was built as part of the regeneration of Manchester, planning permission was put in for the building on July 2003 and was passed in October and by the end of the year 206 out of the 219 apartments and 4 out of the 6 penthouses had been pre-sold. Construction started in April 2004 and concluded in 2006 and cost £150 million to construct, prices for the apartments range from £200,000 – £750,000 (in 2011) 


Beetham tower manchester architecture skyline Hulme arch

Hulme Arch and MMU campus with Beetham Tower in the background

Beetham tower hulme arches manchester landmark building iconic

Hulme arches with Beetham Tower in the background

SimpsonHaugh and Partners is an English architecture company, that have played a large role in restoring Manchester after the IRA bombings, many of the city distinguished buildings have been designed by the firm, including of course Beetham Tower. The tower has received a number of awards for its eye-catching design.

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