Ed Sheeran ginger-Ed man

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ASDA Eastlands have created this ginger ‘Ed’ man to celebrate singer songwriter Ed Sheeran as he was set to play this past weekend at Manchester Arena. Jane Gregory, is the creator and baker of the ‘ginger-ed man.’ The man is decorated with a red icing guitar and fiery red locks.

gingerbread man woman portrait asda supermarket

Pictured Jane Gregory with one of the Ginger Ed Men

Jane Gregory is a super fan and has said “When I heard Ed was in Manchester this weekend, I thought I would create a little tribute to him by creating our very own ginger-ed men. I spent the morning designing each gingerbread man and then gave them to some of our customers who are also fans of Ed Sheeran. If Ed pops in to Asda Eastlands over the weekend, I would be more than happy to create a very special one just for him.”

gingerbread woman portrait man baking cooking

Pictured Jane Gregory with one of the Ginger Ed Men

Ed Sheehan is a global superstar with three multi millions sales globally, and a total of 44 awards behind him. In March 2015 Ed started Gingerbread Man Records, which is a deal with Waner Music Group. Ed Sheerans biggest hit “Thinking Out Loud” spent 20 weeks in the top 10, it was also the first ever single to spend a whole year in the top 40 with the single selling 1.19 million times and being the first song to reach 500 millions streams on Spotify.

gingerbread baked cooking cake celebrity

Pictured a pile of ginger-ed men

East manchester store celebrate singer songwriter Ed Sheeran being in town with there own Ed Gingerbread man called Ginger Ed Man

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