Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

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Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station is a coal fired power station that is located in Warrington. It is situated on the north bank of the River Mersey, it opened in 1971 and the station has a capacity of generating 1989 megawatts. Since the Central Electricity Generating Board was privatised in 1990, the power station has been operated by several different companies, however since 2004 Scottish and Southern Energy PLC have operated the station.

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station Warrington Cleveland Bridge Company industry industrial

Fiddlers Ferry Power Station

The power station is home to eight 114 meter cooling towers and a 200 meter high chimney. The station is a significant landmark and can be seen from the Peak District and the Pennines. It was built by the Cleveland Bridge Company, who can be credited with the construction of Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Shard and Westminster Bridge. In 1984 one of the cooling towers collapsed in strong winds and meant it had to be rebuilt.  

The station mainly burned coal that was mined in South Yorkshire Coalfield and was transported across the Pennines. Today the coal is still bought but normally in bulk and carried by the Liverpool Docks. 


Warrington is a large town in Chesire, on the banks of the River Mersey. The West Coast Mine Line runs north to south through the town, and the Liverpool and Manchester railway runs west to east, the Manchester ship canal runs thought the south and the town can also be accessed by the M6, M56 and M62. 

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