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Nick Freeman is an English solicitor, he is the owner of Freeman & Co. and is extremely well known as a celebrity defence lawyer, specialising in traffic and speeding offences. Freeman has been nicknamed “Mr Loophole” by the British tabloid press. 

Lawyer socliter nick freeman mr loophole

Nick Freeman known as Mr Loophole

Some of his famous cases include David Beckham who received a 8 month ban once he was caught driving his ferrari at 76 mph in a 50 zone in Wilmslow. Nick successfully appealed the verdict on the reasoning that “he was suffering trauma as he had had a football boot kicked at him and had no idea of his speed, he had been followed by the paparazzi for ten miles that lead he feeling petrified, and finial he was hurrying home as his wife had a concert and he had to look after his baby”. Another is a case of Freddie Flintoff who was alleged to be driving at 87mph in a temporary 50 zone on the M62, but the case against him was quickly picked apart as Freeman claimed as Andrew regularly bowled at 87mph he wouldn’t have even realise the speed he was doing, as he is a cricketer he has a sharper eye than others so even though he was driving over the speed limit it wasn’t unsafe due to his fast reactions and finally the authorities were too slow and he didn’t receive the prosecution notice until 16 days after but law states it must be received within 14 days.

Read more about some of the cases here.

Stephanie Freeman nick freeman lawyer solicitor loophole

Stephanie Freeman wife of Mr Loophole Lawyer Nick Freeman

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