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Genesis is a sculpture carved in marble of a heavily pregnant, who is naked and caressing her belly. The statue is said to be one of Jacob Epstein’s most controversial non commissioned sculpture but in his autobiography Epstein has said about the carving “She is serene and majestic, an elemental force of nature. How a figure like this contrasts with our coquetries and fanciful erotic nudes of modern sculpture” but the work is often criticised for combining ugliness and nobility, it has even been described as “blasphemy in stone”.

genesis sculpter statue marble stone pregnant

Genesis statue

Some people believe that if you touch the belly of Genesis while you are pregnant she will bring you good luck, she is currently able to view at Withworth Art Gallery, that has around 55,000 items in its collection they have  a number of notable artist work in the Gallery including work from Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, L. S. Lowry, William Blake and of course the famous sculpture of Genesis by Jacob Epstein.

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