HM Prison Styal

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HMP Styal’s main prison building were built as an orphanage in 1890, but this was later closed in 1956. The women’s prison opened on the site in the 60’s when the female prisoners from Strangeways were transferred over to Styal.

HMP prison Styal prisoner woman working

Woman sweeping outside HM Prison Styal

The prison is a closed category prison for women and young offenders. Women’s and men’s prisons operate under the same rules and policies, but they have to comply with gender specific standard, so having female only prisons allows staff to help and be aware of that may affect some of the women and act appropriately¬†to the issue.

HMP Prison Styal woman cleaning working inside prison

Woman cleaning inside Styal Prison HMP

HMP styal prison cleaning working

Woman cleaning inside Styal Prison HMP

The prison offers lots of opportunities to the women some of the focus of offending behaviour and rehabilitation programmes that help irradiate reoffending, or the women that need it they offer alcohol/drug interventions. Educational schemes are on offer to the women, English and Math’s are provided along with vocational training programs such as IT, art & design, hairdressing, catering and industrial cleaning. Other faculties in the prison include a library, gym and a multi-faith Chaplaincy.

Styal prison HMP prison door inside locked yellow

Cell door in Styal Prison HMP

HMP prison styal women bars

Some of the women at Styal Prison HMP

You can read more about HMP Styal here.

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