M62 motorway Stott Hall Farm

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My multimedia slideshow about Stott Hall Farm sat in the middle of the M62 close to the Yorkshire Lancashire boarder.

About the farm:
Stott Hall Farm (53.641599°N 1.952222°W) an 18th century farm on Windy Hill, situated between the two carriageways of the M62 motorway between junctions 22 and 23. The road forks around the farm for engineering reasons owing to the surrounding area’s geology, though a local myth persists that the road had to be split because the owners refused to sell the land during its construction. Due to its remoteness in the Pennines, the farm is often nicknamed the Little House on the Prairie, it is now known countrywide to lorry drivers using CB radio by this name and is even referred to as such by Sally Boazman, BBC Radio 2’s traffic reporter. The farm is now separated from the motorway by crash barriers and a high fence to keep livestock in and drivers out, after some stranded motorists attempted to get aid when broken down. The farm, which was occupied by Ken and Beth Wild at the time of the motorway’s opening, is now farmed by Paul Thorp. It is one of the ten best-known sights from the motorway network and one of the best-known sights in West Yorkshire. The farm was used as a location for an early episode of ITV drama series Where the Heart Is and has been the subject of a BBC Radio 4 documentary and a short documentary film.


m62 motorway farm stott hall

Stott hall farm


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