Manchester Airport fire simulator

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Have you ever wondered why there is a green plane at Manchester Airport that can sometimes be seen on fire?

Well its actually a mock aircraft that is used for fire training. Manchester airport is home to the largest simulation fire training aircrafts in Europe, its a life size replica of a Boeing 747 with an attached tail engine.

Manchester Airport fire aircraft training

Manchester Airport’s fire simulation aircraft

The company Simulation UK specialise in hot fire training simulator. They design, manufacture and install hot fire training rigs that the customers specifications and they have done work for local authorities, militaries and class 10 airports not only in the UK but worldwide.

manchester airport fire emergency plane aircraft

Manchester Airport’s fire simulator aircraft

Manchester Airport is an international airport, last year it was the third busiest airport in the UK with high numbers of passengers passing though the airport. It is made up of three terminals and a goods terminal that cover over 560 hectares of land and have flights operating to just under 200 destinations worldwide. The airport opened in 1938 and was originally called Ringway Airport, it played a role in the second World War as RAF Ringway was a Royal Air Force base. The airport is now owned and managed by Manchester Airports Group (MAG) a holding company that is owned by the ten metropolitan borough councils of Greater Manchester and an Australian investment fund IFM investors,

fire plane aircraft emergency training

Firefighters putting out a fire on the simulation plane

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