Manchester’s Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme

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Manchester Council has launched a new Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme across the city on Friday, its widely known that breastfeeding can have great benefits to babies and their mothers that include preventing some infections to the baby, reducing mothers risk of breast cancer,ovarian cancer, heart disease and also obesity. Despite this the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world, so they are trying to change this by encouraging businesses to join the scheme so that they welcome mothers to feel comfortable while breastfeeding when they’re around the city.

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Jennie adding her badge to the front of her restaurant Annies

The scheme is free for companies to join and doesn’t require alterations to be made to a building, all they need to do is add a badge that they are given to their shop window so that people recognise they are part of the scheme. The Scheme was launched on the 4th of August with Coronation Street actress Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz, at her restaurant Annies as she is a mother herself and knows how hard and awkward it can be. Even though she believes the idea is great as “mums can know there are places you can happily go and breastfeed in the city” she also said “In a way I’m really sad we need these stickers, we shouldn’t need to have a Breastfeeding Mark but hopefully we can get to a stage where mums just do it and don’t feel there’s an issue when they’re out.” There was a lot of raise for the scheme from new mums and you can read more about what they had to say here.

Also if you are a business and would like to join the scheme you can click here.

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