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A trip to New York for me wouldn’t be the same if someone didn’t get upset with me taking their picture, my encounter with a transvestite tramp some years ago on 5th avenue still raises a smile, as I remember those massive red lips screaming abuse at me. A moment of great amusement to the passing commuters, this trip it was Elvis (pictured above) in a McDonalds up from Times Square.


© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

This rather cold cop on 5th Avenue caught my eye.

up the rock

© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

I kind of like seeing the public jammed into a space all trying to grab the same shot, reminds me of a press pen.

fall time

© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

Isn’t the type of picture I take very often, but the mix of colours and the hint of the street behind was took good a picture to ignore, as I walked around Central Park.

drained in the fall

© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

And again in Central Park, the lake has been drained and a workman walks on the base.

pose for tips

© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

These guys hang around times Square posing for pictures for tips, I have tried many times to get a nice shot of them, but as soon as they see you point a camera, they turn away or hide their faces. I was happy with his frame, but feel a better frame will be taken by me one day, soon.

shopping USA NYC

© Mark Waugh Travel Photographer

And a reflection of shoppers in Times Square is the perfect image to end on, as I nip out for some retail therapy of my own.


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