Peter Saville

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Peter Saville is a art director and graphic designer from Manchester, he has become famous as he designed many record sleeves for Factory Records, a company which he was a director of.

Peter Saville Manchester bill-broad design

Peter Saville with the M he designed

In 2008 Saville collaborated with Transport for Greater Manchester to help them with the re-branding of the Metrolink with its yellow and silver polka-dot design. In total he has designed around 40 album sleeves and worked with bands including Wham!, New Order, Pulp and Joy Division. Some of his work was put on display in London’s Design Museum for an exhibition called ‘The Peter Saville Show”. In 2010 Peter was honoured with being asked to design the England football team home shirt.

Peter Saville Manchester bill-broad design

Peter Saville Manchester bill-broad design

Peter also designed the Manchester ‘M’ logo the different versions you will see around the city are the multi-coloured M design or the ones on plinths around the city in a metallic silver design, like the ones pictured above. The M has become Manchester brand signature and is often praised for being able to express the city in the most simplest way that captures Manchesters diversity and vibrancy.

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