St. Peter’s Cross

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Have you ever wondered what the cross in St. Peters Square symbolises?

St. Peters Square is a public area in Manchester’s city centre, the square is host to Manchester Cenotaph and the St Peters Square Metrolink tram stop but it also incorporates The Peace Garden. In 1819 the area around the square was the site of the Peterloo Massacre.

Manchester metro link transport st peters

St. Peter’s Square Metrolink tram stop

The site gets its name from the church which stood where that gardens are today, the church was built in the neoclassical style by architect James Wyatt, it was demolished in 1907 and the cenotaph replaced it in 1924. The stone cross commemorates the church. The square is the site for the city’s Remembrance Day commemoration each year.

memorial city centre manchester cross religion

St .Peter’s Square cross

The stone Cross was designed by architect Tample Moor and was put up in 1908. The bishop of Manchester has led a ceremony to bless the historic landmark, acknowledging the former religious importance of the area.

St. Peters Cross

St. Peters Cross

Since 2013 the site has been subject to some redevelopment that includes the introduction of a high rise office blocks, One St. Peters Square, two more high rise offices, an extension on the town hall and on the former Odeon site and also going from one Metrolink tram stop to become four platforms. You can read more about the redevelopment here.

manchester city centre detail cross stone religion

St Peter’s Cross detail

St Peter was according to the new testament was one of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ, according to Catholic tradition he was the first Bishop of Rome (pope) and it is said that he died in Vatican City, which is that smallest state in the world.

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