Turners Art Shop Mural

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Trisha Edwards, manager at Turners Art Shop was stripping the walls in the art gallery when a collection on handprinted murals were revealed on the walls. When she found them she was the first person to see them in 150 years, the designs were full of symbols, the four murals include a family portrait, an image of a lonely bride, a woman thats been stranded on an island and the final is a biblical scene of Joseph and his technicolour dream coat. 

art artwork wall mural painting

Trisha Edwards manager of Turners Art Studio Wellington Road

Trisha said: “The paintings are quite feminine and we think it could have been some sort of meeting room for women. And some of the symbols are political so if it was used for those purposes that would have been something in that day and age. We are now looking for an expert to come and help us shed some light on it all. It is mind-blowing to think I am the first person to see these paintings since Victorian times.”

art artwork wall mural painting

Wall mural at Turners Art Studio

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