Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls

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Uncle Joe’s mint balls are a popular and favourite type of old style sweet, in the early days were by William Santus’ wife until they moved production into a factory in Wigan, and they are still to this day being produced in Wigan by Wm Santus & Co Ltd.

The ingredient for the mint balls are: pure sugar cane, oil of peppermint and creme of tarter.

Uncle Joe's mint balls sweets confectionary building

Exterior of the Uncle Joe’s production building

Uncle Joe’s mint balls were originally sold on Wigan Market but now you can find them in different retail outlets across the UK including Waitrose, Booths, ASDA and Tesco. While the company make a number of different sweets the mint balls have earned a somewhat legendary status as there has been a number of articles, cartoons, poems and even a song written by Mike Harding named after the mints that was on his album “Mrs. ‘Ardlin’s Kid”.

Uncle Joes mint balls factory

Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls being made

The pictures above show a batch of sweets being made and in there is the 2nd billionth mint that the company has made, this shows how popular the sweet has become and continues to be.

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls Wigan

Pictured sugar boiler Neil Causey making the historic sweet

As you can see the budding has a distinctive old style red hand painted sign. Hand painting signs is an old tradition that in the recently years died out due to the use of computers and advances in technology, now you are more likely to see a vinyl, acrylic, printed or neon signs around.

Uncle Joes building sweet confectionary business

Logo on the Uncle Joe’s building

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